About Us

michelleOur surgery opened in Tabernacle Walk, Blandford Forum in 2001.  Our highly trained podiatrists include Dr Michelle Spruce FFPM RCPS (Glasg) and Emma Readhead (BSc Hons).

After qualifying from the University of Southampton with a first class honours degree in Podiatry, Michelle was seconded to the Cardiovascular Division, Kings College London to complete her doctoral work.  Her PhD thesis was the first to study the link between micro circulatory changes and the development of diabetic neuropathic ulceration.  As an internationally recognised academic and author of numerous publications and book chapters, Michelle continues to advise international institutions and health authorities on their diabetes education programmes and management systems.

Those wishing to speak to a podiatrist before making an appointment are very welcome to get in touch with either Michelle to discuss any questions or specific concerns.


Dr Michelle Spruce FFPM RCPS (Glasg), the owner of Blandford Chiropody Surgery and Wareham Foot Clinic (Wareham, Dorset) specialises in diabetic lower extremity disorders.  She and her team welcomes both new and existing patients to the surgery and is committed to maintaining the excellent reputation of our founder, Jane Schwarz.  The surgery has now opened second treatment room to increase the scope of practice and patient-centred facilities.